Business Sale and Sale Preparation

Using a bespoke approach to every client, Inflection Point thoughtfully assesses the strengths, weakness and optimal positioning for a firm. Taking the time to truly understand the client, we create significant price maximization. For most, a business sale is a once-in-a-lifetime transaction; the difference in value realized is truly material and often life changing.

In a preparation scenario, the firm will develop concrete strategies that will allow the Company to optimize value at the time of sale.

In a sale scenario, the team, with more than 100 transactions totaling over $6 billion, will create custom marketing materials to best convey the unique value and tell the firms’ ‘story’. Finally, by personally contacting select financial and strategic buyers, Inflection Point creates interest, excitement and offers. Results tell the tale, with offers often 50%-100% higher than seller target. Beyond the offer, and equally important, we know how to close win-win transactions.

Growth, Restructuring, and Turnaround

Inflection Point’s consultants utilize a systematic approach to rapidly assess your company’s situation including its operational and strategic strengths and weaknesses, external stakeholder pressures and opportunities for short-term and medium-term growth/improvement/relief.

Our consultants have “been there” and “done that”, so our assessments and recommendations are actionable and typically provide rapid results. We pride ourselves on being hands-on and will work with you and your team to implement the plan. We are also humble and will, as conditions dictate, continually refine our plan to take into account new information or changes in external factors

CFO & Interim Management

A change in business needs or growth can create a need for a CFO (or a different kind of CFO).  We can provide the CFO you need, often on a part time basis, to handle/coordinate your finance and accounting needs.  Most CFO’s are experienced Controllers; these individuals are great at closing the books but not so great at identifying trends, business issues/opportunities and effectively working with banks, vendors and other stakeholders.  We specialize in strategic CFO’s

We also have experience as President, COO and CRO and can help fill those needs for you as well.  As always, our focus is on providing the help required- typically a part-time or project need.

Loans, Investments and Capital Raising

We understand that access to capital can be challenging in the current economic environment.  In select cases, we provide capital to our clients.  The capital can be in the form of loans or as an equity investment.  We can also assist in raising capital from outside sources such as banks, investment or pension funds and through private loans.  We have raised, literally, billions of dollars.

Expert Witness

Our expertise has led us to be selected to provide expert witness testimony and reports in critical situations, including SEC cases